Hop2it – A Global Business

The following overview is of the Hop2it global group of companies focusing on our company Hop2it Holdings Pte Ltd. a Singapore company, which operates our Container Trades, Property Exchange, and other business interests.

Digital Trade Points & Dollars

Trade & Property

This is a profile of the Hop2it global group of companies focusing on our USA Company Hop2it Holdings Pre Ltd a Singapore No. 202034920E.

Our Founder and CEO Gregory Hannan (an Australian and Irish citizen who resides and works in Australasia and the USA) is seeking to acquire, merge or reverse list into an OTC or other listed entity to provide a home for our Supported Venture intellectual Property and membership base to increase investor/shareholder spread.

Our Group has invested interests in companies involved in information technology to medical equipment (PPE) and food manufacturing sectors with strong wellness and nutraceuticals development which provides us with an exciting product and investor opportunity range.

Hop2it’s objective is to help our Members to trade, create income, and acquire wealth for the long haul, whatever happens economically world-wide.

Utilizing the company’s intellectual property and software applications, the company has created a unique membership-based financial services group where Members can trade locally and with participating Members in other countries utilizing a financial armory of cash, Trade Points, Trade Dollars, shares, properties, products, and commodities along with traditional debt and emerging cryptocurrencies.

Distribution (sales) of Investment Products, since 2020 PPE, is conducted via both Freelance Brokers and Hop2it Agents. The company is focused on the manufacture of PPE and its delivery by airfreight overnight or by sea taking some week to market.

Our Hop2it Websites

Websites – Quick Reference

Hop2it operates companies regionally and therefore has a number of websites in which to operate locally and compliant with local laws.

Corporate:                        www.hop2it.net  


Membership:                    www.hop2it.com

Import / Export:              www.hop2ittrades.com

Food Production:      www.goodfoodaddict.com.au

                Brands:        www.murrumbooee.com           

  Members Club:              www.hop2it.club

Venture Capital:              www.hop2it.ventures