Hop2it – A Global PPE Business

The following overview is of our company Hop2it Container Trades Pty Ltd a global supplier of Personal Protection Equipment sourced from manufacturers and their suppliers in Asia and the Sub-continent.

Trade & Property

Our Hop2it Container Trades Pty Ltd ACN 639 414 62 business focuses on our acquisition and export of PPE for on sale through Resellers.

Our Founder and CEO Gregory Hannan (an Australian and Irish citizen who resides and works in Australasia and the USA) is seeking to expand a network of sales and marketing professionals who can on sell PPE products through their own sales networks globally.

Our company has developed strategic partnerships in regional countries where PPE manufacturing is conducted. Via these relationships we are able to place Orders for various PPE products directly with manufacturers, their distributors and the manufacturers own registered sales agents. This access to PPE products also continues to some Asian importers who handle “naked” PPE products manufactured for “white labelling” by companies like us, or our customers. These “naked” PPE products can be re-branded from countries such as China and India. This PPE supply channel acquisition process, and our developing Sales Agent network is fast allowing our company to continue to trade through the logistic difficulties that the Covid 19 Pandemic and governments have imposed on all global businesses.

Hop2it’s simple objective is to help our Members to access high quality PPE products for them to trade and resell to their customers to create recurring revenue, and develop leveraged income and ultimate wealth for the long haul, whatever happens economically world-wide through Covid 19. To this end we have spend time and significant resources to develop an online business which provides Members, Resellers and even our end user Customers with access to a portal to monitor their PPE Orders and export deliveries from the point of manufacture. We have stringent Terms and Conditions of Sale which are to be adhered to by our Agents and any Resellers who enter into PPE Purchase Agreements with Hop2it. We offer PPE deals which are based on agreed Wholesale Manufacture Break or Discount Pricing based on Volume Container Sales.

Hop2it’s Distribution (sales) of Personal Protection Equipment products, has since 2020 been conducted via both Freelance Brokers and Hop2it Contract Agents who use our online services and agree to maintain our terms and conditions of sale. The company is focused on its dealings with partners and regional manufactures and their agents of high quality PPE. In a global pandemic this proicess has significant challenges and in particular delivery by airfreight overnight or by containers on sea can take many weeks to market.

Quick Reference

Hop2it operates companies regionally and therefore has a number of websites in which to operate locally and compliant with local laws.

Corporate:                        www.hop2it.net  

Membership:                    www.hop2it.com

Import / Export:              www.hop2ittrades.com

Food Production:      www.goodfoodaddict.com.au