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Hop2it Container Trades Pty Ltd ACN 639 414 62, headquartered in Queensland Australia was incorporated in 2020 as a start-up to forge a new methodology of dealing with the government mandated end enforced global health restrictions during the Covid 19 pandemic which commenced in Q4 2019. Hop2it Container Trades (“Hop2it”) considered that it could utilise its management’s experience to source and offer wholesale Personal Protection Equipment (“PPE”) to a network of Resellers who could on sell these mandated products to their end-user customers world-wide.

About Our Founder

Mr. Gregory Hannan has been in the IT field as a professional software developer and author since the ’70s, when, while serving in the Australian Special Warfare Group. He realized the power and potential of the internet many years before the “world-wide-web’s” release. Mr. Hannan also headed up the Megamantis Project a classified “photon-based” platform developed to move voice, data, and video packets over light. In the ‘80’s he developed a keen interest both in digital currencies and financial security and protection from fraud for merchants when processing checks (cheques). In the late 1980s following the release of “Digicash” he developed, released commercially, and subsequently sold the “ChequeNet” Program, a means of clearing and securing the use of physical checks (cheques) in Australia and New Zealand to a public listed mercantile agency.

While consulting to Australia and New Zealand’s largest internet service provider in the late ’90’s, directed at that time by the previous Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnball, and others, Mr. Hannan honed his skills in “Online Payment Solutions”.  As an information technology entrepreneur in 1997, he simultaneously purchased and started developing his own “Smart Loyalty” debit card business and then commenced work with current business partners on eCommerce and US payment solutions. As a result of his expertise in digital currencies, over the years he became one of the world’s foremost authorities on “e-Cash” or “Digicash” as it was known within the pre-financial services reform (2002) and US Patriot Act. He has been invited as the expert guest speaker over the years to talk about all methods for delivering cash and non-cash payment systems “on and offline” throughout Asia, Europe, Canada, and the US.

Mr. Hannan’s interest in computers and computing began while staying at Garren Hall in the Australian National University (ANU) and Canberra College of Advanced Education (CCAE). While employed in the para-military security services, he continued to expand his education taking accreditation courses in software engineering and law at North Sydney College of Law while working as a Commercial and Private Inquiry Agent.  He learned and gained an operating understanding of the early software languages, Cobol, Fortran, Algol, Pascal through to Delphi, C#, VB.Net, Ruby, Java, Pearl, PHP, and Swift and applied these technologies to the developing para-legal industry moving from IBM electronic typewriters and Wang systems to specialized online and cloud legal applications. To this end, he completed hardware engineering courses with Wang, Datapoint, Cisco, and a number of network security organizations on both civil and military equipment and communications projects. As stated, in the 90’s he led the development team of the classified “Megamantis” Project delivering Internet protocol over Photons and being developed for Special Forces Operations and Forward Air Control use. It is the unique combination of high-level military technology and para-military experience combined with his extensive “cross-industry” business experience that has enabled Mr. Hannan to produce unique software applications, complex in their structure and business applications and yet simple for users to operate (soldier proof).

In addition to fulfilling the role of Founding Chairman of Hop2it International Group, Mr. Hannan is also a Director of, and has interests in connected international Hop2it companies. Over the past eight years, these companies were created as a FINTEC Group and as the operational backbone of global digital payments, and services platform. This platform is designed to operate as a disruptive technology in multiple global industries.

Our Founder and CEO Mr. Hannan (an Australian and Irish citizen who resides in Australasia and the USA) has 25 years’ experience in managing public companies and developing IT and other commercial systems. His profile can be visited on LinkedIn, Facebook, or his personal website at http://www.gregoryhannan.com.

Gregory can be contacted on Skype: greghannan on his email: mail@gregoryhannan.com or WhatsApp.

The Contribution that Mr. Hannan makes to the Hop2it Group is Information Technology, Export, and Global Trading, Trade Exchange Management, and supervision of global Trading Member Network Provide Management support and direction to international Hop2it companies and sub management.

For more general information about our company read About Us on thie website.

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