Hop2it Container Trades

We recently incorporated a company which we headquartered in Brisbane Australia, Hop2it Container Trades Pty Ltd (“Hop2it”) is an Australian company incorporated in the state of Queensland company number ACN 639 414 627 for the purposes of concentrating on the emerging Personal Protection Industry (PPE) and to support the global endeavors to fight the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Hop2it facilitates global PPE trade by developing relationships with primary and secondary manufacturers and their Suppliers and Distribution Agents to provide end-user Buyers and Resellers with a transparent process of sourcing, purchasing, and transporting container-based volumes of PPE. With every new opportunity, there is always a risk. In the case of the newly developed PPE Industry, many self-serving interests have mushroomed worldwide causing financial loss and disturbance of supply chains to essential services. Hop2it endeavors to provide a solution for Buyers by providing access to our regional Agents who can source local PPE supply.

Hop2it Container Trades is the Hop2it Group’s specialist company that handles our import and export business. The company works hand-in-hand with contracted Agents who develop sales opportunities with end-users and offer our PPE products within the company’s Terms and Conditions of Trade. Our team of contract Agents seek out Buyers and new markets in Canada, the US, South America, Europe as well as New Zealand and Pacifica where there is an insatiable appetite for PPE due to the weight of infected humans and the level of testing and emergency services personnel who use PPE repetitive all day in the carriage of the jobs.

  • Nitrile Examination and Latex Gloves  
  •  Face Shields
  •   Face Masks – 3M, medical, food, and retail
  •   Disposable Suits/Gowns/Booties
  •   Test Kits & Thermometers
  •   Hand Sanitizer & Biodegradable Fogging Agent

Although we are able to supply the above products from a combination of sources as we develop them such as direct supply we source from manufacturers, we specialize in the supply of Nitrile and Latex gloves as our primary specialty.

In the fourteen months of Hop2it being directed to focus on the development of relationships with the manufacture and their distributers of PPE, the company has seen expediential growth in sales through the global demand for the products we offer and specialize in supplying. As a point of difference, Hop2it provides a professional service from modest office infrastructure operated in Thailand by the company’s Partner as well as representation by contracted Agents in other locations in Asia including Vietnam, Malaysia and from which we have developed commercial relationships and provide transparent PPE supply supported by our partners for export to our clients.

In the last two quarters of 2020 Hop2it Container Trades Pty Ltd has been able to secure a number of manufacturing and supply contracts direct from the factory and via the manufacturers distributors. These relationships are forged by our in-country Thailand partner due to the global ban on travel. This relation ship allow us to provide Nitrile and Latex gloves from a multiple manufacturing pool of factories who collectively are producing over two billion boxes of 100 gloves in attempts to meet global demand. In Vietnam and Malaysia, a number of manufacturing allocations have been contracted via distributors there for our on sale to global customers.  

The company is looking to have a successful year in 2021 as a result of the time, effort and experience of its management and partners. For more general information read out Terms and Conditions of Trade and Privacy Statement on this website.

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