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Hop2it Container Traders Pty Ltd is incorporated in Australia ACN 639 414 62. The company’s import and export experience comes from its management’s sourcing and export of Infant formula which commenced in 2012 after the melemine chemical scare in China which resulted in the closure of Dairy’s there. From Infant Formula, this products expanded to high quality Australian seafood, puulty, meat and game which the Asian markets demanded in container based volumes. Our current PPE export business was forged by our Founder up taking these opportunities as they presented between 2008 and 2020. As our management learned its new export craft, with the onset of the Covid 19 Pandemic in the 4th quarter 2019, a natural business opportunity developed to utilise regional partners, contract sales representatives and agents to both source Personal protedction Equipment and to liaise with local manufactrue=rers where possible and or their distributors and sales organisations.

Our Hop2it Container Trades PPE business comprises of a number of elements from a Point of Sales Order taking to commencing our Export Flow Process to our methods by which an End-User Buyer may order PPE products. We have experience in every part of this process derived from our export days in other food related commodities. In addition to the export/import process, there are a number of other specific variables in the supply of PPE to customers, specifically VOLUME PRICING and DISCOUNTS to End-Users that Hop2it is aware of and its contracted Consultants negoitiate directly with Customers or their Agents within our Terms and Conditions of Trade. This flexibility allows our consultants to deal directly with End-Users which minimises our staff and expidites the sales and export process to the client to make product exports and imports smooth and to minimize any risk in a new and commercially risky global business. We have been involved in the movement of container based comodities for a number of years including trhe following: –

  • Australian manufactured Infant Formula to Hong Kong and mainland China
  • Chicken Paws (feet) to Honoria Solomon Islands
  • South Australian Organic Wine to China
  • The manufacture and export of gourmet food products in Australasia
  • Gourmet Food and Condiments to and in the USA
  • South Australian Seafood to Hong Kong, China, and Japan
  • South Australian Organic Wine to China
  • Australian and US Bone Ash to China for the manufacture of china and bone pottery
  • Hemp Seed import into Australia from the US under a Hop2it Permit

The Director of Hop2it Container Trades Pty Ltd has approximately 8 years of hands-on experience in importing raw materials and exporting manufactured food products and this experience has been harnessed to ensure our systems support for the newly evolved PPE market have proven invaluable to our company and ultimately for the betterment of Reseller clients and our shareholders at large.

For more general information read our Terms and Conditions of Trade, Privacy Statement and other of our Policies, see our menu on this website.

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If you are interested in Investing in our PPE business or becoming a PPE Reseller, we are able to assist you develop your own export business to provide PPE to your customers internationally through the restrictions placed on us all through Covid 19. Simply request our documentation below to learn more. Make sure you have Registered as Member and you are Logged in.