Our company Hop2it Container Trades Pty Ltd ACN 639 414 62 (“Hop2it”, ‘we‘, ‘us‘, or ‘our‘), describes how and why we provide access to our wholesale Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) re-sale business to authorised persons or resellers only.

Our terms of wholesale supply are defined in this document and the modus operandi of our business operations are clearly defined in this, our website at address:


HOP2IT and any Member, Sales Agent or Reseller (the Parties) agree with these terms and conditions of trade upon the entry of any, Sales Agency, Reseller Agreement; Purchase Order & Sales Agreement (POSA) with HOP2IT. Your Agreement with these Trading Terms & Conditions are triggered effective when either of the Parties enters into said agreements or is REGISTERED and setup as a Member, Sales Agent or Reseller on HOP2IT’s website at: –


1. Covid Personal Protection


HOP2IT’s PPE supply chain in a pandemic which sees restricted travel and lockdowns and utilises the services of a local partner headquartered in Thailand to provide “face-to-face” relationship maintenance with manufacturers and suppliers. Thailand has a significant number of PPE manufacturers and “white label” product providers who prepare PPE under a number of brands. Once relationships have been forged by HOP2IT’s regionally based partner, then Hop2it secured multiyear Orders for high volumes of PPE to attract discounts and other reduced costs which HOP2IT then passes on to its Resellers (see definition) on the basis of them ordering 40’ Container based volumes of PPE product.

2.      Access PPE Products

The Covid 19 global pandemic has posed significant challenges for individuals and SMEs alike. Governments world-wide have restricted domestic and international travel and imposed lock downs and facial mask regulations which the world has never seen. For HOP2IT to conduct a PPE sales and marketing business focused on the supply of commodities, which due to this health crisis are in high demand has posed many challenges for our management and placed significant logistic challenges upon our company. Our solution design has been to set up partnerships with local sales and marketing companies with existing relationships with PPE manufacturers, suppliers or distributors as well as individual and corporate Sales Agents through a process crafted to provide HOP2IT with the ability to “forward order” on an annual basis, significant volumes of PPE to maintain pricing control and a competitive pricing position per unit of PPE for our Resellers, all based on volumes of containers ordered.

2.1      Value Added Resellers Agreement

For the purposes of these terms and conditions of sale, Hop2it Container Trades defines a Reseller as any company member, individual or SME that enters into a Reseller Agreement with the company, or who has an approved Purchase Order Sales Agreement (POSA) for a specific PPE Order. HOP2IT utilises the services of professional Value-Added Resellers to on sell Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) which is sourced through various means and ordered in volume upon which Resellers are able to access these products at highly discounted wholesale volume-based prices. Resellers can be individuals, and or SME’s but must register, or be registered as Members on our website at www.hop2itpp.equipment/register and execute our standard Purchase Order & Sales Agreements for each and every separate Order for PPE product.

2.2       Reseller Agreement

For the purposes of these terms and conditions of sale, Hop2it Container Trades defines a RESELLER as per the description in 2.1 above. Resellers can enter into separate and custom agreements for PPE based on their ability to provide volume orders and deal separately with their own customer network.


HOP2IT Sales Agents differ from Resellers in that they provide support services to Resellers through the process of ordering and export/import of PPE. Sales Agents are contractors who are motivated to move high volumes of PPE via Resellers of which they receive a commission on volume container-based sales. Sales Agent contractors are able to utilise Hop2its logos under a restricted license and can modify the company’s marketing material to suite the consumer laws and or specific methodology that their business requires to acquire sales. HOP2IT or its management will not be held liable for any deviation from our terms and conditions seen on this website, misrepresentation, or unauthorised or non-vetted marketing material provided through the sales process by any Sales Agent.


Sales Agents provide initial sales material which they produce for their own purposes and presentation to their prospective reseller customers. Sales Agents collect information from prospects and deliver the same to Hop2it to develop Purchase Orders and Sales Agreements. They advise on freight options and negotiate volume pricing for containers of PPE directly with prospects or registered Resellers and Members.  Sales Agents are the first line of contact for Resellers with HOP2IT which with restricted domestic and international travel through the Covid 19 Pandemic, is a necessary service in regional areas and countries where Hop2it management cannot travel to. HOP2IT has attracted Sales Agents in Australia; Thailand; India; Vietnam, the USA and the UK.


Generally, Sales Agents are required to execute a Hop2it Sales Agency Agreement. Where a Sales Agent can provide evidence of operating a professional sales and marketing organisation, HOP2IT waivers its Sales Agency Agreement and relies on non-disclosure and other commission and license agreements, verbal and in writing.


HOP2IT utilises the services of contractors who purport to be sales and marketing professionals and whom can supply a number of commercial services to HOP2IT within the bounds of the restrictions to travel placed upon all global businesses in the Covid 19 Pandemic. Sales Agents are selected on merit and other relationship-based experience and Hop2it’s management uses their best endeavors to ensure that Sales Agents are provided access to online information and up-to-date sales and product data which they can provide to prospective Resellers and or customers.

Sales Agents work remotely and can only be communicated with electronically at this time, Resellers are advised to cross check all or any sales quotes, freight information or contractual material with HOP2IT management and use the authorised website as a continuous reference point. Resellers are advised to REGISTER their businesses on the website http://www.hop2itpp.equipment/register on which the Reseller will be provided with an ACCOUNT in which a message service exists for Resellers and Members to request conformation of any queries they may have directly with the company. The company cannot guarantee the performance of statements made by regional Sales Agents in their direct dealings with Resellers, especially where language and other barriers exist, and again Resellers are referred to the company website and your Reseller Account.

3.      Representation & Offices

HOP2IT operates from a head office in Brisbane Australia. On an international basis the company utilises the resources, human and otherwise and facilities of its Thailand Partner. Elsewhere contracted Sales Agents in countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, New Zealand the UK and USA have been located and nurtured for representations in line with the information on this website. Sales Agents are “authorised officers” who are able to take inquiries from prospective customers (Resellers) and attend to their needs to the point of producing a POSA. In addition, and notwithstanding that most Sales Agents operate their own businesses, HOP2IT’s requests of its Sales Agents to provide the company with a point of commercial contact via their physical offices, phone and internet contact points for local sales inquiries. All other representations or commercial services and information are provided via Zoom Conferencing and the company’s only authorised website for PPE at http://www.hop2itpp.equipment.

4.      Parties Responsibilities

HOP2IT shall be responsible for the ordering of PPE products via its partners, manufactures or their distributors as Hop2it sees fit. Resellers will be responsible for any liabilities associated with its clients, their end user customers, their PPE product on sale, legal distribution or any commercial damage sustained through ill use or any force majeure event. Each sale will rely upon these HOP2IT PPE Trading Terms and Conditions relating to the PPE products and the Reseller will act as an exclusive value-added reseller of the PPE products ordered for its own end-user clients of whom Hop2it has no contact or commercial relationship.

HOP2IT and its Sales Agents shall use their best endeavors to provide Resellers their full sales support for each PPE product order including timely and prompt responses for information, manufacturer warranty where applied; technical product information and specifications, product literature, website content access and any user manuals, decals, safety warnings, identification plates or other markings necessary to, or advisable to comply with any applicable international laws or directives for the import of PPE products during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Trade Shows – HOP2IT via its Sales Agents, will provide, as necessary, sample material and any relevant printed material for use in demonstrating the PPE products ordered by the Reseller, and or showing at trade shows, or to Resellers clients or prospective clients at no cost to the Reseller. Hop2it and its Agents will participate, as when reasonably requested by the Reseller, in the trade shows with personnel, brochures, posters, booth paraphernalia, and if applicable, to support the Reseller’s sales and marketing endeavors where pandemic travel restrictions allow.

First Nations – If the Reseller on-sells PPE products into Australia, HOP2IT undertakes to pass on any relevant First Nations related sales prospects coming to it, to the closest Reseller, including sales leads generated from general HOP2IT marketing endeavors. Any First Nations sales opportunities, whether received by HOP2IT directly or indirectly, and which may assist the Reseller will be passed on with no obligation. HOP2IT undertakes to handle technical sales inquiries made through the Reseller regardless of how the sales lead was acquired and HOP2IT will allocate a Sales Agent to be the Reseller’s point of contact for HOP2IT technical support.

The Reseller is responsible to sell and promote the PPE products to its existing and new clients in Australia, or wherever HOP2IT authorizes the PPE products to be sold, at its own cost and expense including personnel, advertising, trade shows, travel and expenses, etc. The Reseller is responsible for managing, contracting with, compensating all or any sub sales agencies, sales sub-agents, dealers, representatives or resellers. The Reseller is free to set and/or adjust pricing depending upon sales circumstances including additional services the Reseller may provide their clients, etc.

The Reseller shall use its commercially reasonable efforts to:

  • Build sales volume and market share nationwide (Australia) and internationally.
  • To build a sales channel and distribution presence.
  • To train its own staff and sales personnel in the selling and support of the PPE products;
  • To devote the necessary resources to promote the PPE products via local, national and international advertising, marketing, and presence at trade shows as applied to the PPE products so ordered.
  • To provide HOP2IT with sales and marketing reports on a monthly basis.

HOP2IT and the Reseller will mutually agree to a discounted price per unit for the PPE products which will be reflected in each Purchase Order & Sales Agreement (POSA) entered into for PPE product supply. From time to time, and in line with market trends HOP2IT will in good faith negotiate changes to the container volume pricing with its partner/s, manufactures and or their distributors and provide updated information of any changes to volume container-based pricing to the Reseller. The Reseller will receive further discounts when Hop2it allocates them from its own supply channel on all sales from which Reseller will pay its own dealers, distributors, representatives and resellers. Title to the Products remains with HOP2IT until the PPE Purchase Order & Sales Agreement is fully paid for by the Reseller or its clients. All or any risk of loss, financial or otherwise, passes to the Reseller or its end-user client upon the Reseller’s AUTHORISATION to any 3rd Party Escrow Accountholder and payment for the PPE products so ordered has been paid in part or full, directly to any Hop2it partner, manufacturer or their distributor.

The Reseller has the right to order and purchase for itself or its sub-dealers, representatives, and resellers, demo test or display PPE products for resale or as samples at their discount rate or any value added price they see fit.

5.      Ordering PPE from Hop2it

Hop2it Container Trades Pty Ltd (Hop2it) was incorporated in 2020 specifically to address the transit and logistic restrictions imposed on business globally during the Covid 19 Pandemic. Electronic systems were developed for this purpose including an online Reseller Account for any Member or SME wishing to purchase PPE via Hop2its sales and marketing network of partners, manufacturers and their distributors and representatives.

Hop2it has ensured that a significant volume of PPE in the form of Nitrile Gloves, Face Masks, Gowns and Face Shields have been placed in forward manufacturing Orders into the future. These Orders ensure that Hop2it can maintain “container volume-based discounts” which Hop2it attempts to ensure that its Resellers remain competitive through a global pandemic which is seeing scarcity of PPE world-wide and prices doubling and tripling in less than twelve months.

Regardless of any marketing material developed and provided by Hop2it Sales Agents, Resellers MUST obtain a formal quote via the company’s Sales Agent allocated to it, directly with the company, or via the Reseller’s Account on this website. If the Resellers and their customer accept the Quote the company will prepare a formal Purchase Order & Sales Agreement (POSA) based on the container volume requested. Volume discounts ONLY apply to containers ordered and pricing per PPE Unit applies to that Order only and once accepted by the company and a subsequent order placed, the POSA cannot be changed, only cancelled. Pricing is subject to change against manufacturers or suppliers’ availability and freight forwarding ability. Hop2it management MUST approve any Purchase Order & Sales Agreement and where an end-user Customer of the Reseller requires amendments, then a new POSA is required to be prepared and executed.

5.1        POSA Orders & 3rd Party Escrow Account

Hop2it Container Trades Pty Ltd acts as a facilitator for the supply of PPE products. To this end a professional ESCROW bank account facility has been sought so that Hop2it does NOT handle either the Reseller’s or their end-user Customer’s funds.

  • Upon final agreement and execution of any Purchase Order & Sales Agreement (POSA), a DEPOSIT on the ordered PPE will be required to be made into the third-party Escrow Bank Account.
  • The Reseller will be required to AUTHORISE all or any payments from the Escrow Account to make good deposits of payments to any manufacturer, supplier or distributor utilised by Hop2it to provide the PPE to the end-user customer.
  • After a POSA is agreed and executed and funds have been authorised by the Reseller to the third-party Escrow Accountholder, Hop2it will not be responsible for any refund of funds of which it had no control over. 

It is the Reseller’s responsibility to ensure that they have conducted due diligence and received “proof if life” and other validation that the PPE exists and is ready for freight forwarding, before the Reseller authorises the release of any funds in which the Reseller or its client deposited into the third-party escrow bank account

5.2       Ordering Process & Proceedures

Resellers will be provided with a PPE Product Price List electronically via Hop2it Sales Agents or online via the Resellers Account. HOP2IT has a three (3) day right to refuse any Order for PPE that is deemed outside the order criteria and physical manufacturing or supply capabilities of the PPE products, or, if or when HOP2IT or its partners are unable to meet delivery dates, or based on other commercially reasonable grounds.

5.2.1   Hop2it shall supply registered Members or Resellers each mouth, a rolling three (3) month forecast of Product requirements. Such forecast shall be for HOP2IT’s and the Reseller’s planning and advisory purposes only; however, it is understood that the accuracy of this forecasting will have a bearing on HOP2IT’s ability to deliver any PPE products being re-sold.

5.2.2   Hop2it will process all its sales orders and where Hop2it is paid directly, it will facilitate the transfer of all money as any deposit or part of full payment for the ordered PPE products, based on the terms of payment associated with each POSA and the requirements of the 3rd Party Escrow Payment services made available for the Reseller to authorise and make good any payments, part or in full, directly to the supplier.

5.2.3   Where Hop2it is not able to acquire the PPE products at manufacture or wholesale prices for POSA Order fulfilment to its Resellers, then Hop2it will notify all Parties of such a pricing variation immediately. 

5.2.4   Escrow Payments require Authorisation by the Reseller and as such Hop2it shall not be subject to any offsets, claims, withholdings, or any other deductions as after authorisation by the Reseller, Hop2it has no control over any funds transfer.

5.2.5   Except for special orders, the delivery of which shall be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, HOP2IT shall make a good faith effort to deliver PPE products within the period quoted by Freight Forwarders used by Hop2it’s partners, manufactures or their distributors.

5.2.6   After acceptance of the PPE POSA order by all Parties, and set up of the Resellers Account for order management on www.hop2itpp.equipment/log-in, Hop2it will strive to manage the supply of the PPE products as close to the quoted time after the 3rd Party Escrow Account operator (see Clause 5.1 above) acknowledges full payment of the quoted POSA order.

5.3       Transfer of Title

5.3.1   Ownership Title to the PPE products that have been ordered by the Reseller via an approved POSA will ONLY be transferred to the Reseller or its end-user customer, when Hop2it has been notified by the 3rd Party Escrow service or the supplier, that the funds authorised by the Reseller have been paid in full transaction via a 3rd Party Escrow Account.

5.3.2   The Reseller will select a destination Port to be agreed by the Parties and the manufactures agent will agree to transport the goods under contract, insurance and provide container freight forwarding services (CIF). Through this CIF service the Freight Forwarder will have an obligation to provide the Reseller with all CIF documents as soon as possible after the container-based goods have been loaded onto transport vehicles. The Reseller will be provided time to conduct due diligence upon the CIF documents and to provide payment in full via the Escrow Account prior to, or 4 days after the container/s containing the goods arrives at the destination port upon relevant inspections being taken, the essence of CIF Intercoms. At this point title will transfer to the Reseller or its nominee.

6.      Limitation of Liability

6.1       Except as may be required pursuant to the indemnification provisions of these PPE Trading Terms and Conditions, the Parties shall not be liable to each other for any indirect, special, consequential, exemplary, punitive damages, or lost profits in connection with these Trading Terms and Conditions, including, without limitation, to any breach or termination thereof.

6.2       Each Party hereby waives any right to any claim for compensation, reimbursement, or damages covered by the preceding sentence and unless mentioned in the terms herein.

6.3       As HOP2IT does NOT handle or authorises the transfer of Reseller funds or makes payments to suppliers on behalf of the Reseller, pursuant to Clause 10.3 where a Reseller makes any amendments, increase or decrease in the supply of any PPE products quoted in any POSA, either directly to HOP2IT or any supplier, and where HOP2IT has not mutually agreed with such amendments, and where any deposit has been paid into Escrow, Hop2it will NOT be held responsible by the Reseller or accept ANY liability for the Resellers actions in authorising the transfer of any funds, in part or in full payment to any third party for PPE products for any reason.

6.4       If the two Parties have any amendments and supplements to any provision of a POSA or an increase or decrease to the supply of PPE goods, then any such changes will need to be made by mutual consent between the two Parties and made in writing, forming a new POSA agreement to be executed by both parties.

6.5       Pursuant to the provisions of Clause 11, and in the event of any force majeure event resulting in the cancellation of any POSA, considered by either Party, as “in force”, then HOP2IT will NOT be held liable for any deposit or payment made directly to any Supplier or third party by the Reseller.

6.6       Any refund of monies being sought by the Reseller as a result of their own direct payment or authorisation for transfer of funds to any 3rd Party Escrow Account will be pursued from the recipient of the funds by the Reseller or their advisors.

7.      Managment Indemnification

7.1       Hop2it Container Trades Pty Ltd acts as a facilitator of access to high quality PPE products in Asia for on sale to Resellers for freight forwarding to their customers world-wide through a restrictive global pandemic.

7.2       As professional sales and marketing entities, the Parties are aware of the risks involved with this newly emerged online PPE business and the variables in manufacture, distribution and supply via container-based sea or air freight.

7.3       The Parties undertake to conduct their own due diligence prior to entering into any PPE POSA order and the Parties agree to use best endeavors to ensure the successful delivery of PPE to Resellers and their end-user customers.

7.4       The Parties to these PPE Trading Terms and Conditions agree to indemnify both Hop2it and its management from any liability, perceived or otherwise, created through the PPE POSA Order process.

8.      Miscellaneous

8.1       Hop2it Container Trades Pty Ltd (Hop2it) and any Member, Sales Agent or Reseller (the Parties) hereto are independent entities and contractors, nothing herein contained shall be deemed to create an agency, joint venture, partnership or fiduciary relationship among the Parties hereto.

8.2       No term or provision hereof shall be deemed waived and no breach excused, unless such waiver shall be in writing and signed by the Party against whom the waiver is sought to be enforced. Any such waiver shall not constitute a waiver of any other different or subsequent breach.

8.3       These terms and conditions of trade is an Agreement which embodies the entire understanding among the Parties concerning the subject matter hereof and all prior representations, warranties, or agreements between the Parties relating hereto are merged herein and superseded hereby. No modification of this Agreement or any of its provisions shall be binding unless it is in writing and executed by both Parties.

8.4       The Parties to these Terms & Conditions acknowledge that they have and will negotiate these Terms and Conditions and any POSA agreement at arms-length due to Covid 19. That they will each contribute and agree after the drafting of any POSA agreement, and that the provisions of these Terms & Conditions and any POSA agreement shall not be construed against either party as the drafter of either these terms and conditions or any POSA agreement.

8.5       HOP2IT acknowledges that the Reseller is a separate legal entity and that in entering into any POSA or operating a Hop2it Account that these PPE Trade Terms and Conditions are enforceable. If sales are made in Australia, HOP2IT intends to contract non-exclusively with the Reseller for the re-sale of any PPE products into the First Nations and Torres Strait Islander Community and clients who service or partner with the same, and that no other party is responsible for, or liable for the obligations of the Reseller hereunder or arising out of, or related to these Terms and Conditions override those of any POSA order agreement.

8.6       HOP2IT acknowledges that the Reseller serves as a Value-added Re-seller to it and a distributor or sales and marketing agent for other companies that do not directly compete with HOP2IT. The Reseller agrees that the activities for the manufacture of PPE product suppliers does not fall on Hop2it as a sales facilitator, and shall not constitute a breach of these Terms & Conditions or any POSA agreement should a force majeure event take place outside of the control of the Parties, then the Parties will hold each other not liable and undertake their own commercial remedies.

8.7       Trademarks: HOP2IT trademarks or trademarks and brands of whom HOP2IT is a licensee of, partner with or has been granted to use of, access will be provided to Sales Agents and Resellers for its use in the support of the sale and marketing of the PPE products to their customers. The Reseller is entitled to maintain its own corporate identity when offering PPE products to their customers.

9.      Law & Arbitration

9.1       Any dispute controversy or claim arising out of or relating to these PPE Trading Terms and Conditions or any Purchase Order & Sales Agreement (POSA) or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof shall be settled via submission to arbitration before an independent Arbitrator in Queensland in accordance with the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules as at present in force. Any proceeding before an Arbitrator shall be governed by the procedures and rules of the independent Arbitrator.

9.2       The arbitration shall be conducted in the offices of the Arbitrator in Brisbane, Queensland Australia unless otherwise agreed to by the parties in writing.

9.3       These terms and conditions and any POSA agreement, and any dispute arising out of, or relating to the same, shall be interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Queensland Australia where arbitration is to be conducted.

9.10    Any court action to enforce an award of the Arbitrator shall be brought in Queensland Australia in which the arbitration is to be conducted, and if brought in Queensland, shall be brought in the city of Brisbane.

10. Orders & Cancellations

10.1.   These PPE Trading Terms and Conditions are to be read in conjunction with any order made by any Reseller and who completes a Purchase Order & Sales Agreement (POSA). These PPE Trading Terms and Conditions take effect from the date of signing of any POSA triggered by the setup of the Reseller’s Hop2it Members Account at www.hop2itpp.equipment. POSA’s automatic liquidation come into effect when the two Parties complete all obligations committed in the POSA.

10.2.   All POSA’s are subject to interpretation and interpretation according to the provisions of the laws of Australia.

10.3.   The two Parties commit to comply with the provisions of any agreed and valid POSA, immediately after signing. If the two Parties have any amendments and supplements, or any provision to increase or decrease the supply of PPE goods then any such changes will need to be made by mutual consent between the two Parties and made in writing forming a new POSA agreement requiring fresh execution and initialling on each page of the POSA.

10.4.   Outside of arbitration or mediation, the Courts of Queensland Australia will be referred to resolve any dispute, conflict or complaint which arises from or related to these Terms and Conditions and or POSA. Where any dispute cannot be resolved by arbitration or mediation the dispute, conflict or claim, either party may sue at in the jurisdiction referred to in these terms and conditions to resolve according to the provisions of law, “the law”.

10.5.   These terms and conditions are made and transferred electronically in equal validity and each party keeps and electronic copy.

10.6    In case the PPE goods do not meet the agreed conditions upon delivery, the Reseller as the buyer cannot cancel the POSA or override the provisions of these terms and conditions of trade and Hop2it must be allowed 28 days to remedy any such fault in supply if is so liable to do so. Hop2it reserves the right to NOT return any deposit paid as part of any POSA in the case of cancellation. In the event that the Hop2it cancels the POSA order and agreement, or is unable to deliver the products as agreed, then in this event Hop2it agrees to return any deposit that was directly paid into any Hop2it bank account where the company was the receiver of payment, part or in full for PPE products.

11.     Force Majeure

11.1.   Force majeure events are events that occur in an objective manner foreseeable and irreversible though any applied all or necessary means, measures and capabilities of Hop2it’s partners, manufacturer, suppliers or their distributors of PPE. This includes, and without limitation, such as changes unforeseen by fraud as a supplier, to local government laws, transit or shipping delays, commodity reporting and customs clearance, wars, terrorism, strikes, strikes, fires, floods, lightning strikes, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, changes of international laws.

11.2.   Each Party is not responsible for damages or losses arising from the reason of force majeure. As soon as any event occurred in force majeure, the affected Party will notify the other party of the event and immediately provide the details of the event, the consequences of events and remedies. Such notification can be relayed by either Parties Sales Agents verbally or in writing as soon as possible or when realised. After the event, force majeure ceases, the Parties shall actively carry on with any PPE POSA agreement if it is not affected by the force majeure event.

11.3.   If the circumstances due to force majeure occur within 40 days from the date either Party issues a notice, if delivery cannot be continued, then either Party has the right to cancel the POSA contract. In the event that the POSA agreement is cancelled then any uncontested amount paid by the Reseller directly to HOP2IT should be returned to the Reseller by Hop2it.

11.4    Where the Reseller authorises any payment to any third party from a funds source 3rd Party Escrow Account of which Hop2it is NOT a receiving party, then HOP2IT IS NOT responsible for any refund of these funds. In this event, such a refund will come from the Supplier or other party who the Reseller authorised to be paid any deposit or full payment for the PPE products. It is the Resellers responsibility to peruse any refund from the authorised recipient of the Resellers funds.

11. Notices

All notices which are required or permitted to be given by any Party to these PPE Trading Terms and Conditions or any POSA can be either entered into the Resellers Hop2it Account, or can be sent by registered or certified mail to Hop2it’s head office, postage prepaid, or by electronic mail (read receipt requested) properly addressed to Hop2it at the addresses below or such other addresses as any Party may, from time to time, specify to the other Party by similar notice.

Hop2it Account Portal:        http://www.hop2it.pp.equipment/log-in

Hop2it Reg. Office:             6/20 Brisbane Road,

Mooloolaba QLD 4557 Hop2it Email:                       admin@hop2itpp.equipment