Our Investor’s Profile

Hop2it Container Traders Pty Ltd is in the process of raising new capital persuant to Sect. 708 of the Australian Corporations Act from Retail and Professional Investors. The company intends to use these funds to expand warehousing and management in regional manufacturing locations in Asia to provide further support to the ever expanding PPE Industry. We are seeking Australian and international Members to participate in supporting our start-up PPE venture and to expand our container based import and export trading business.

Long Term Wealth Strategies

Hop2it Wealth Centres

The Company established the Alpha Hop2it Wealth Centre at West End in Brisbane. The Company intends to then establish a franchised network of Hop2it Wealth Centres to distribute and broker Hop2it Investment Products to Members. The Hop2it Wealth Centres must operate from small street front premises and recruit Brokers to operate under the Wealth Centre. The individual Brokers within the Centres can operate digitally from home offices or serviced offices.

In the current economic situation gripping the world, there are many mature experienced operatives in the market whose skills and experience in sales are underutilised, and who would relish the opportunity to become an independent broker.  We aim to tap into this trained and experienced human resource and recruit, train and manage them. The board has resolved to adopt an “open network” model rather than a geographic model like other Trade Exchanges. This means that the Wealth Centres can operate within their personal network of Members irrespective of the Members place of business or residence. See www.hop2it.net and www.hop2it.com.au as an operational Wealth Centre.

A Wealth Centre physical or virtual must operate in these eight areas of business –

  • Corporate Authorised Representative (CAR) under the Financial Services License;
  • Affiliates;
  • Brokers for the Trade Points and Trade Dollars;
  • Brokers for the Trade Exchange;
  • Brokers for the Trading Desks within the Members Trade Store;
  • Loan Brokers;
  • Real Estate Agents;
  • Listings and Brokers for the OTC and National Stock Exchange (NSX) (subject to our acquisition, merger or appointment)

It is Hop2it’s ambition to –

  • Operate and manage a listed company on the OTC markets in the USA
  • the “broker of choice” for the Australian National Stock Exchange (NSX);
  • become the leading broker in Australasia for the OTC Markets in the USA and AIMS in London and any other start-up exchanges;
  • establish a micro exchange in a favourable jurisdiction which will specialise in intellectual property; and
  • make a substantial contribution to the listed start up market globally.

A franchise Hop2it Wealth Centres across America and Australasia that must offer all the aforementioned brokerages and be committed to these ambitions. In this way, Investors will come to know that the Wealth Centres are multi-product brokerages.

It is not our plan to be financial planners but just brokers, always advising Members to obtain their own independent financial advice.

The Freelance Brokers and the Wealth Centres will broker a range of Investment Products. The focus will be on brokering shares in start-ups or rapidly growing enterprises and alternative investments and use of the Hop2it Trade & Property Exchange and Trading currency.

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Hop2it Trades In The Public Market

Hop2it on the OTC Market

Hop2it is in the process of listing its Supported Venture business onto the OTC Markets. The company has entered into a formal Agreement this quarter and is moving through the process of a merger to be acquired by a publically traded entity. This will provide our Members and Investors with the ability to invest in our Supported Ventures and trade independently via Brokers. Listing onto the OTC Markets also provides our international Investors with an exit strategy.

A license has been entered into between Hop2it Singapore and the USA Company to operate the Hop2it business in the USA. The USA Company is owned by an OTC Markets listed company to be renamed to called Hop2it Global Ventures in which Hop2it Singapore has a substantial equity and management role. It will raise funds and operate as an investor and short term lender to our Supported Ventures.  Investors can trade in shares in Hop2it Global Ventures on the OTC Markets. The OTC or listed US company will also operate in the US and manage the members, payment systems, and other product distribution and trade exchange.

Hop2it raises capital for a number of reasons including supporting the numerous start-up ventures the company supports. Hop2it also facilitates global trade by arranging to fund export/importers to pay deposits and final payments for container loads of goods ex-factory before shipping. This provides the opportunity for Investors to earn attractive short term interest rates (6 to 24 months). See www.hop2ittrades.com.

As part of our Wealth Centre offerings, Hop2it has contracted with existing Immigration Agents to enable us to sponsor applicants, who in most part are our Members / Investors for business migration. We make the initial introduction of the aspirant to the various consultants needed to process their application. We aim to secure the migrant as a long term valued Investor.

Importantly, the Company intends to secure keystone investors or publically raise new capital and together sponsor the Property Fund. The Property Fund will then issue a Prospectus to issue to Investors on both the OTC and Australian National Stock (NSX) Exchanges. Our objective is for Hop2it to hold 30-45% of the shares in the Property Fund on an ongoing basis. The property fund will trade in real property using trade dollars and other non-fiat currencies to assist members to acquire property.

The Property Fund will focus on the acquisition and management of income-producing properties without holding any long term debt or exposure to property development risks. Once independently listed, the Property Fund will register consecutive prospectuses offering shares for sale at a combination of 50/50 fiat Cash and Hop2it Trade Dollars. In this way, value for Hop2it’s Trade Dollars will be more established in the market place which is based on the conversion price to public company shares.

Traders can swap Trade Points for Trade Dollars, which can then be invested in listed shares in the Property Fund. The Property Fund shares will commercially support the value of the Trade Dollars. The Property Fund will only offer shares for part cash/part Trade Dollars when it has an immediate need for them to acquire properties or goods and services relative to properties so that the Property Fund will never hold Trade Dollars in its balance sheet. These are just a few of the financial and other property services that make Hop2it a truly unique investment.