Hop2it’s PPE Business Opportunity

Hop2it Container Trades Pty Ltd has secured partnership contracts and longstanding orders for the direct production or distributor supply of over 5 million boxes of Nitrile Examination Gloves over the next five years. An opportunity exists for bona fide Hop2it Members to participate in Container Trades as Re-sellers and share in the profits from the sale of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Hop2it Members can purchase as little as ten (10) Cartons to a whole 40′ Container. Since December 2019 at the beginning of the global Covid 19 Pandemic demand for general PPE and in particular Nitrile Examination Gloves. Significant profits have driven many people to seek PPE products to on-sell these high demand products for profit. Hop2it has made the sales process a simple one for its Members!

What Is A Hop2it Member?

Hop2it has a Membership base of likeminded people wishing to profit from the trading of container-based products imported or exported globally. Members have no obligation to participate in the import or export process which we call, “Trades”. Participating Members purchase carton packed products transported to market by 40′ Containers. Cartons represent a fractionalized portion of each Container and are purchased in minimum volumes by Members and purchased by Customers worldwide who require Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Where a Member purchases one or many Containers of PPE products, they are classified as Value Added Resellers.

Does It Cost Money To Become A Hop2it Member?

Members join and pay a one-off Joining Fee and an ongoing Membership Fee paid monthly. The Joining Fee covers the administration cost in setting up a Membership and issuing a Members Account for the Member to operate their business and monitor PPE Trades and profits and other benefits enjoyed from the same.

How Do Members (not Resellers) Participate In PPE Trading

For small numbers of Cartons, Hop2it Members are able to enter the Hop2it PPE Online Store and make purchases of Cartons of PPE which are then earmarked for them and noted in their accounts. Cartons are then assigned as a fractionalized volume of a 40′ Container which houses the Member’s PPE. Title on the PPE products only changes to that of an end-user Buyer upon full payment. When the Container of PPE products is fully sold, then the Members Trading Account, as seen at www.hop2it.com, is credited, referenced as an entry into the Capital Purchase Ledger made for the Member. A second transaction is entered as a Profit credit allocated to that Ledger for the profit margin enjoyed for the sale and purchase of the PPE.

Request A Copy Of Our PPE Unit Oroder Documents

If you are interested in participating in this Hop2it Container Trade business opportunity and are seeking profits through the sale of PPE as a Re-seller, simply download our PPE Unit Application Form below. Make sure you have Registered as Member and you are Logged in.