Hop2it’s PPE Air & Sea Freight Opportunities

Hop2it Container Trades Pty Ltd ACN 639 414 62 has secured a partnership in Thailand and other strategic relationships as a result of that event in Asia for the acquisition and ordering of high quality Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) at Factory Direct and highly discounted wholesale prices. Hop2it has placed Orders for the production of over 5 million boxes of Nitrile Examination Gloves which we intend to Airlift to global markets. An opportunity exists for bona fide Hop2it Members and Resellers to participate in Container Trades and share in the profits from the sale of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Hop2it Members can purchase as little as ten (10) Cartons, a whole 40′ container or multiple sea freight containers. Since December 2019 at the beginning of the global Corvid 19, Pandemic demand for general PPE, and in particular Nitrile Examination Gloves has grown exponentially and today these items are is in high demand to protect humans from the Covid 19 virus. Significant margins from manufacture to end-user supply have driven international entrepreneurs to seek profits through the on-sell of PPE which have now become more scarce as demand exceeds manufacturing capabilities. There has been a swell of people from Uber Drivers to SMEs seeking to “cash in” on the sale of PPE. Hop2it has made significant process in securing up supply channels which require volume sales to maintain.

Airfreight For Fast Capital Returns

Hop2it Members and Resellers can simply Purchase a minimum production batch of PPE Units – Please refer to this Hop2its website for our Terms and Conditions of Sale, which covers off all you need to know in detail and what we require of Resellers to purchase PPE from us at discounted and wholesale prices. In summary, if you participate you will be purchasing cartons of Nitrile or Latex Examination Gloves of a particular size and which hold 10 boxes of 100 examination gloves in each carton. A single carton holds 1,000 gloves. We refer to each carton as a UNIT or a fractionalized unit of a standard 40’ sea container or airlift container. With the demand placed on sea freight ansd the time required for delivery, Air Freight has become a preference for many end-user clients that our Resellers service.

Overnight Delivery = Fast Capital Returns

Although standard Sea freight Containers can hold approximately 3,200 Cartons or Units, this business model Hop2it is offering as an alternative is the rapid AIRLIFT of PPE Units into markets of high demand where product sales are made at a heightened “On The Ground” (OTG) price. Airfreight saves the 18-28 days containers spend on the high seas and provides Nitrile Glove product OTG within 24 hours world-wide. Hop2it is able to arrange for PPE product Units in Air Freight Containers for USD$100.00 and it is possible to include the complete hire of an aircraft for the airlift of the PPE products should any or our Resellers customers demand speed of delivery.

How Do Members & Resellers Participate In PPE Trading?

Airfreight provides the capability to load 250,000 Boxes in 2,500 Carton Units into a standard cargo plane and more in larger planes. The wholesale price to Resellers for OTG product Units in-country is between USD$12.50 – $14.50 per box or $145.50 per Unit.

This opportunity provides our Resellers the ability to purchase PPE at wholesale prices and airfreight loads of 2,500 Units to their end-user customers, primarily in the USA and Europe. Hop2it holds numerous Orders with manufacturing factories via our Partner and other factory distributors. We have PPE Products manufacturing Orders in Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia which allow for a significant volume of Units to be on sold by our Resellers to their customers in these lucrative markets. By way of customers, Hop2it only deals with Resellers who have their own end-user Buyers, Distributors or access to Government Department Procurement Officers, to which PPE Unit sales can be made by our Resellers who enjoy highly discounted wholesale OTG prices to ensure strong sales margins. Where Hop2it Members participate in Unit sales, profits from these sales are distributed on a basis where the Trading Member receives 33% Capital Return from net profits from the on sale of their PPE Units as per the example seen at the button below..

Request A Copy Of Our PPE Unit Oroder Documents

If you are interested in participating in this Hop2it business opportunity as a Member or Reseller and are seeking profits through the on sale of PPE, simply download our PPE Unit Application Form below. Make sure you have Registered as Member or Reseller and you are Logged in. Hop2it ONLY provides wholesale PPE products to registered Members and Resellers.Hop2it does not deal with End-Users.

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