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Hop2it is a subsidiary in a group of Hop2it named companies incorporated in Australia, Singapore, and the USA. The companies import and export experience comes from being forged through its Founder up taking the opportunity to export Infant Formula from Australia to China from 2008 to satisfy the void in this powdered dairy product caused by the melamine chemical scare there. As Hop2it’s management learned its new export craft, high-quality poultry, seafood, meat and game were exported to markets in the Pacifica, the USA, Asia, and the Sub-continent over the following 8 years.

Our Hop2it Container Trades comprise of a number of elements from a Point of Sales Order commencing our Export & Import Flow Process to the many methods by which an end-user Buyer may order commodities. We have experience in every part of this process. In addition to the export/import process, there are a number of other variables in the process that Hop2it is aware of and consults to the client to make product exports and imports smooth and to minimize any risk. We have been involved in the container movement of a number of commodities which include: –

  • Australian manufactured Infant Formula to Hong Kong and mainland China
  • Chicken Paws (feet) to Honoria Solomon Islands
  • South Australian Organic Wine to China
  • The manufacture and export of gourmet food products in Australasia
  • Gourmet Food and Condiments to the USA
  • South Australian Seafood to Hong Kong, China, and Japan
  • South Australian Organic Wine to China
  • Australian and US Bone Ash to China for the manufacture of china and bone pottery
  • Hemp Seed import into Australia from the US under Permit

The Directors of Hop2it have 12 years of hands-on experience in importing raw materials and exporting manufactured products and this experience has been harnessed to ensure our systems support for the newly developed PPE market have proven invaluable to our company and ultimately for the betterment of clients and our shareholders at large.

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